The Franco-American Connection


This website was started in 2000 when I was made aware of the wonderful effort of Juliana L'Heureux to keep the Franco-American tradition alive, at least in the Portland, ME area, through her weekly column in the Portland Press Herald.

From being a site dedicated to a single Franco-American writer, it is becoming a site source of information for the Franco-American community. And along these lines, we now have sections on

  • Entertainment - Musicians, bands, performers
  • Film Making - Showing us the Franco way of life
  • Genealogy - How to get at your roots
  • Genetics - Deseases specific to Franco-Americans
  • Politics - Francos involved in politics now and then
  • Special Events - Like Ste-Croix 2004 - For other events, see News
  • Sports - Franco-American athletes
  • Traditions - Benediction Paternelle, special holidays, ...
  • Writers - Writers and those who write about FA way of life
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Last updated: May 22, 2006